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ZBRUDZEWO PLOT NO. 41-2 and 42-2


ZBRUDZEWO PLOT NO. 41-2 and 42-2


access to technical infrastructure networks

Distance from

- convenient communication conditions due to easy access from the Śrem ring road - provincial road No. 432 (Śrem - Środa Wlkp.)
- good location for transport: distance 30 km to the A2 motorway (Nowy Tomyśl - Warsaw) - Krzesiny junction; 20 km to the national road No. 11 (Poznań - Katowice) - Kórnik; 30 km to the national road No. 5 (Poznań - Wrocław) - Kościan
- Poznań: 42 km
- nearest airport: 45 km
- nearest railway station: 20 km


flat greenfield area, without any buildings, surrounded by paved roads

Śrem - the town in the Province of Wielkopolska, population of the commune – 42 000, the town - 31.000. Śrem is located on the River Warta, belongs to Poznań Metropolis, the seat of district and county authorities.
Śrem offers excellent conditions for the development of business: access to technical infrastructure, the water-pipe, gas, power, telecommunication and data transmission networks, modern mechanical – biological sewage treatment plant and the network of sanitary and rain sewage systems.

The local government established Śrem Investment Park, in which the investors are entirely exempt from local taxes. The part of grounds of the Śrem Investment Park (East Area) is included into the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (Śrem Subzone). There are some companies in vicinity of Śrem: Rehau, BASF, Recykl, Polish Assembly Centre, Karma Bella, Defor.
Śrem and its vicinity is an attractive area for inhabitants and investors. Environmental, economical, cultural and tourist advantages encourage to visit the town.

Special Economic Zone:



Urząd Miejski w Śremie
Pl. 20 Października 1
63-100 Śrem

Pion Obsługi Inwestorów i Informatyzacji
tel. +48 61 28 47 116, 61 28 47 118

Informacje nt. nieruchomości
Zespół Gospodarki Nieruchomościami
tel. +48 61 28 47 134

Informacje nt. możliwości inwestycyjnych
Zespół Planowania Przestrzennego
tel. +48 61 28 47 131

Information specific

Name area: Zbrudzewo land no. 41/2 i 42/2 Place: Zbrudzewo County: śremski
Community: Śrem Address: Śremska street, Zbrudzewo Owner: Private owner
Type of plot: land for the location of service and commercial buildings - retail area up to 2,000 m² Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 5 ha.
Price: 100 PLN/m² The approved zoning plan: yes
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