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Wronów, plots no. 357, 370, 86-106


Wronów, plots no. 357, 370, 86-106


water, electricity and telephone networks are nearby

Distance from

A-2 motorway, Września junction: 40 km,
A-2 Konin junction: 45 km,
National road No. 11 in Jarocin: 25 km,
Railway in Jarocin: 25 km


There are buildings on the plot no. 357/2 in Wronów

Special Economic Zone:



Aleksandra Grochmal, tel. 62 7411 517 ext. 113,

Information specific

Name area: Wronów, plots no. 357, 370, 86-106 Place: Wronów County: pleszewski
Community: Gizałki Address: Wronów, plots no. 357, 370, 86-106 Owner: Private owner
Type of plot: Industrial and storage area; car communication area (gas station) with associated service functions; The area of ​​homestead buildings on farms, turnips for breeding and gardening, forest and afforestation areas Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 40 ha.
Price: 3,0-4,0 zł/m² The approved zoning plan: No, 23.08.2005 r. 16.06.2016 r.