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Wieleń, Spółdzielcza street


Wieleń, Spółdzielcza street


There is a possibility of making a power connection, there is a water supply, sanitary sewage system and telecommunications network in the vicinity of the plot.
All utilities available up to approx. 100 meters

Distance from

Seaport of Kołobrzeg - 180 km;
Poznań-Ławica airport - approx. 85 km;
A2 motorway - approx. 83 km;
national road No. 22 - 20 km;
railway siding - 0.5 km


No fencing, undeveloped plots free of underground and above-ground obstacles, RV with a total area of 2.00 ha not requiring approval for decommissioning, the possibility of locating projects whose impact will not exceed environmental quality standards outside the area to which the investor has a legal title.
Trade services area, except fuel trade.

Special Economic Zone:



Radosław Janecki,
tel. 67 2531532, 605889513,

Information specific

Name area: Wieleń, Spółdzielcza street Place: Wieleń County: czarnkowsko-trzcianecki
Community: Wieleń Address: Wieleń, Spółdzielcza street Owner: Wieleń commune
Type of plot: Service development areas, especially trade services Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 2 ha.
Price: approx. PLN 20 / m2 The approved zoning plan: yes