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Tuliszków, Gromadzka Street, Brzozowa Street


Tuliszków, Gromadzka Street, Brzozowa Street


networks: water supply, sanitary (in the immediate vicinity of the sewage treatment plant); electric, telecommunications

Distance from

seaport of Gdynia - 325 km
Poznań airport - 110 km
A2 motorway - 11 km
national road No. 72 - 1.5 km
Konin railway siding - 24 km
intermodal terminal Poznań - 110 km


undeveloped plots, non-burdensome economic activation area

The area consists of several dozen private plots with a total area of 35.8 ha

Special Economic Zone:



Szymon Kunicki
tel. 632791782

Information specific

Name area: Tuliszków, Gromadzka Street, Brzozowa Street Place: Tuliszków County: turecki
Community: Tuliszków Address: Tuliszków, Gromadzka Street, Brzozowa Street Owner: private owner
Type of plot: The plot is intended for development related to burdensome economic activity, industry, construction production equipment, technological centers, warehouses, warehouses, wholesalers, it is allowed to locate administrative and technical or social facilities, company schools, green areas, and technical infrastructure devices. Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 35.8 ha.
Price: no valuation The approved zoning plan: Resolution No. VIII / 69/03 of the Municipal Council in Tuliszków of August 29, 2003 Dz. U. WOJ. WLKP. 156 ITEM 2943 of 03/10/2003