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electricity: a completely new transformer station must be built (voltage 15/04 kV; available power 0.60 MW); gas: further development is planned in Popowo, not connected to gas at present, completion date from the date of application: approx. 18 weeks + negotiations with PKP (gas pipes be routed under the tracks) from 60 days to six months; water: yes, it is possible to expand the network, the local spatial management plan provides for the construction of a new sewage treatment plant, distance from the plot boundary: approx. 200 m, the nearest water is in residential buildings in Nadbrzezna street, there is a water supply network running under the PKP tracks from Nadbrzezna street - the water company can be contacted for details concerning the issuance of conditions for connection to the network; sewage discharge: no, additions to the network and construction of a new wastewater treatment plant are possible, as is the connection of a sewer to a pumping station, however the project must be approved by PKP, the nearest sewage system is accessible from Nadbrzezna street (shallow, approx. 1 m in depth), a sewage treatment plant has been designed, the nearest location is approx. 1 km away

Distance from

distance from: seaport: 215 km; airport: 55 km; motorway: 45 km; national road: 38 km; railway siding: 3 km


part of the plot in the production and service areas; in the shape of a trapezoid; unfenced plot; undeveloped area; access to municipal road; subject to the provisions of the current local spatial management plan

Special Economic Zone:



Mirosława Rusinek, junior clerk for promotion and foreign contacts; tel. 67 25 45 323; 664 765 013;

Information specific

Name area: Trynka Place: Popowo County: Szamotuly
Community: Wronki Address: plot no. 366/1 Owner: Wronki Commune
Type of plot: part of plot no. 366/1- production and service building Greenfield/Brownfield: NO Total surface: 9.1200.5 ha.
Price: 35-45 PLN/m2 The approved zoning plan: YES; RESOLUTION NO. XV/133/2012 OF CITY AND COMMUNE WRONKI, dated 25 January 2012 concerning the local spatial management plan: Wronki Commune in the village of Popowo, published in the Journal of Laws of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship, dated 23.04.2012, No. 1899