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The Mansion House in Góra


The Mansion House in Góra


- water and sewage systems, central heating, electric, low-voltage electric, fire, alarm, radio and air conditioning in the mansard part;
- city network connections - gas, city water, sewage, electricity and telephone.

Distance from

Poznań - 42 km
Lotnisko - 45 km
stacja kolejowa - 20 km


The Manor House in Góra is a fabulous property located in a beautiful park adjacent to the slope on the Warta River with a view of its pool. A stately building with a usable area of ​​1950 m, 4 levels, where the following room is designed:

. Cellar part with historic barrel vaults - 400m (laundry-drying room, cooling chamber / pantry, jacuzzi, exercise room, sauna, wine room, bar, room, e.g. for massage, utility room)
. Ground floor - 500m (office, coffee lounge, toilet, utility room, entrance hall, reception lounge, fireplace lounge, kitchen, living room, dining room)
. Pietro - 500m (rooms with bathrooms and private apartment of the managing person)
. Masard attic - 500m (apartments)

The property is completely renovated - the current owner of the Manor has carried out a major renovation of the property in recent years, including the following works:
. The foundations under the entire building were strengthened, along with the laying of horizontal and vertical insulation;
. All ceilings were replaced
. A new roof truss with copper sheet plating was laid;
. A new roof covering with ceramic tiles was made;
. New central water and sewage installations were made
heating, electric, low-voltage electric, fire, alarm, TV and air conditioning in the mansard part;
. New connections of the municipal network were made - gas, municipal water, sewage, electricity and telephone;
. New internal plasters were made,
. Stucco work was carried out on the ground floor of the building;
. The facility was connected to a sewage collector in Góra village and a sewage pumping station was installed;
. A new boiler room for two furnaces (gas and wood / gas) was built
. New window and door woodwork was added;
. The façade of the building has been completely renovated;
. The entire property was fenced off;
. All works covered by the conservation permit were carried out and an appropriate protocol of acceptance by the Monument Conservator was obtained;
. On the ground floor, interior finishing works were carried out - floors were laid, ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, walls were painted, kitchens were equipped, etc. - the entire ground floor of the building is ready for use.
. The greenery in the park was renovated and new plantings around the building were carried out. The entire building has been adapted to be used for business purposes, which makes it, together with the 8.26ha park surrounding it, an ideal property to be used as a hotel, spa, conference and training center, private clinic, retirement home, wedding hall, restaurant and inn or a luxurious residential residence.
A place for such rooms as a sauna, jacuzzi, gym, wine room or elevator shaft has been planned and designed, which gives a wide range of possibilities for using the facility.

The building was entered in the register of monuments under the registration number 842 / A.
The park surrounding the manor house with an area of 8.26 ha with a large number of old trees, including 3 natural monuments, adjacent to the scarp on the Warta River with a view of its natural pool. At a distance of 2 km, there is the largest equestrian center in Poland and Europe run by Count Antoni Chłapowski - the international center of equestrian education Centrum Hippiki Jaszkowo.

Special Economic Zone:



Aneta Ignaszewska

PPHU ENIGMA Aneta Ignaszewska
Ul. Nadbrzeżna 1c/5
63-100 Śrem
NIP: 7851179445

Information specific

Name area: The Mansion House in Góra Place: Góra County: śremski
Community: Śrem Address: The Mansion House in Góra Owner: osoba prywatna
Type of plot: Greenfield/Brownfield: brownfield Total surface: 8.251 ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan:
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