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Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/9


Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/9


The gas and water supply network runs along its width in the front part of the plots. Electricity supply from a transformer station is not far away.

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Undeveloped land property. The shape of the plots is favorable. Good access to the plots via a paved road. The neighborhood consists of farm buildings and single-family housing.

Special Economic Zone:



Patrycja Skorupka
65 5369253

Information specific

Name area: Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/9 Place: Stary Belęcin County: leszczyński
Community: Krzemieniowo Address: Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/9 Owner: KRZEMIENIEWO COMMUNE
Type of plot: land for housing construction Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.0963 ha.
Price: 38 713,00 PLN The approved zoning plan: yes