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Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/5


Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/5


From the north, a gas and water supply network runs through the center of the plot. These devices prevent its installation.

Distance from


Undeveloped land property. The shape of the plots is favorable. Good access to the plots via a paved road. The neighborhood consists of farm buildings and single-family housing.

Special Economic Zone:



Patrycja Skorupka
65 5369253

Information specific

Name area: Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/5 Place: Stary Belęcin County: leszczyński
Community: Krzemieniowo Address: Stary Belęcin, plot no. 47/5 Owner: KRZEMIENIEWO COMMUNE
Type of plot: land for housing construction Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.1452 ha.
Price: 40 200,00 PLN The approved zoning plan: yes