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Słupca Sienkiewicza/Pyzderska Street


Słupca Sienkiewicza/Pyzderska Street


Electricity - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 50 m
Gas - connection possible, distance from the border of the area 500 m
Water - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 300 m
Sewerage - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 600 m
Telecommunications - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 50 m

Distance from

Access road to the plot - provincial road 20 m
A2 motorway - 4 km
River and sea ports:
-Poznań 70 km
-Bydgoszcz - 100 km
Railway - Słupca 1 km
Railway siding - Słupca 1 km
The nearest international airport - Poznań - Ławica 72 km
The nearest voivodeship city - Poznań 72 km


Przez działki przechodzą inie niskiego i średniego napięcia (możliwość okablowania i puszczenia ziemią)
Możliwość powiększenia o sąsiednie działki o powierzchni 11,1766 ha - Łącznie - 15,9587 ha
For the area of ​​production facilities, warehouses and storage facilities, site of building service, marked in the changing of plan picture symbol 1P / U shall be determined:
1) in terms of parameters and indicators of building development and area use:
a) the construction of production buildings, warehouses, stores, service buildings, storage tents, tents services, building garage, concierge, taking into account the point b,
b) allowing of fuel stations along with associated infrastructure,
c) allowing the construction of pedestrian - driving a width not less than 8.0 m,
d) allowing of landscape architecture, technical infrastructure, including transformer stations, sewage pumping stations,
e) the surface of integral building: no more than 65% of the plot construction, but not less than 0.1% of the plot construction,
f) a biologically active surface area not less than 10% of the plot Construction,
g) the height of the building subject to point h: not more than 20.0 m,
h) allowing the increase of the building for no more than one third of the building footprint to the amount 30.0m,
i) allowing the location of underground floors, including the conditions - soil water,
j) the geometry of the roof, the angle of slope of the roof: the release of all types of roof,
k) an order implementing green belt with a width of not less than 5.0m, as indicated in the figure change plan, without exits and access roads, pedestrian and - driving,
l) an order implementing green belt landscape of not less than 4.0m, as indicated in the figure change plan
m) allowing the location of the building at a distance of 1.5 m from the border plots, directly on the border land or on the border of plots;
2) the surface of newly secreted building plot subject to paragraph 3:
a) not less than 2000,0m2, subject to subparagraph b,
b) except for building sites for the location of the network and technical infrastructure, pedestrian and - driving, for which there shall be established a minimum size of newly secreted building plot;
3) determination of paragraph 2 shall not apply to the secretion of plots of land in order to increase neighboring property or adjustment of the boundaries between adjacent property;
4) the rules of service in the field of road transport:
a) determine the access road adjacent to the site of the proposed routes on foot - driving,
b) determine the location of parking spaces, subject to § 11, paragraph 3, 4.

Special Economic Zone:



Joanna Kazibut, tel. 63 2772727 ext. 233,
Tomasz Parus, phone: 63 2772727 ext. 102,

Information specific

Name area: Słupca Sienkiewicza/Pyzderska Street Place: Słupca County: słupecki
Community: Słupca Address: Sienkiewicza Owner: private owners
Type of plot: areas of production facilities, warehouses and service facilities Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 4.7821 ha.
Price: 20 PLN/m2 The approved zoning plan: yes