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Słupca, Sienkiewicza Street I


Słupca, Sienkiewicza Street I


Electricity - possibility of connecting, distance from the border of the area 25 m
Gas - connection possible, distance 225 m from the border
Water - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 100 m
Sewerage - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 150 m
Telecommunications - possibility of connection, distance from the border of the area 25 m

Distance from

Access road to the plot - provincial road 20 m
A2 motorway - 3 km
River and sea ports:
-Poznań 70 km
-Bydgoszcz - 100 km
Railway - Słupca 1 km
Railway siding - Słupca 1 km
The nearest international airport - Poznań - Ławica 72 km
The nearest voivodeship city - Poznań 72 km


According to the city zoning plan there are investment sites where the following regulations are obligatory:
1.Main purpose-commercial and productive services in the field of different economic activities including shipping,warehouses,stores with accompanied equipment
2.Supplementary purpose:
-public services
-petrol and gas station
-pathways and/or cycle lanes
-location of telecommunication and broadcasting and receiving objects,including cellular telephony stations and tower constructions according to particular regulations
3.Buildings must not exceed 15 metres from the land level to the highest point
4.The area of the building site including pavements,driveways,parking lots and terraces must not exceed 80% of the plot of land and the remaining area should
be biologically active
the minimal area of the new plots of land is determined-2500 square metres
it is obligatory to provide access road to the plot ,considering the existing communication and the statement under conditions of the road administrator.

Special Economic Zone:



Joanna Kazibut, tel. 63 2772727 ext. 233,
Tomasz Parus, phone: 63 2772727 ext. 102,

Information specific

Name area: Słupca, Sienkiewicza Street I Place: Słupca County: słupecki
Community: Słupca Address: Sienkiewicza Owner: private owners
Type of plot: commercial and production areas for various types of economic activity, including freight forwarding, warehouses, shops with accompanying equipment Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 28.1525 ha.
Price: 20-80 PLN/m2 The approved zoning plan: yes