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Roszkówko, plot


Roszkówko, plot


Electricity: power line approx. 350 m from the border of the area.
GPZ: approx. 6300 m.
Gas: gas network in the investment area.
Water: water supply network approx. 500 m.
Sanitary sewage system: sanitary sewage network approx. 1,300 m.
Karolinki sewage treatment plant: approx. 5000 m.

Distance from

Access roads to investment areas:
Poviat road - adjacent to investment areas.
Voivodeship road No. 434 - adjacent to investment areas.
National Road No. 36 - 2200 m.

Highway / expressway
S5: 12 km
A4: 90 km
A2: 100 km

River ports / airports
Wrocław: 73 km
Malczyce: 84 km
Poznań: 96 km

Rail: Miejska Górka railway siding, 4.8 km

Nearest international airport
Wrocław: 73 km

The nearest provincial city
Wrocław: 73 km


Special Economic Zone:



Information specific

Name area: Roszkówko Place: Roszkówko County: rawicki
Community: Miejska Górka Address: Roszkówko Owner: KOWR, private owners
Type of plot: Areas of industrial, industrial and service development, service facilities, warehouses, warehouses and industrial areas, warehouses and warehouses with the production, processing and distribution of electricity along with the necessary infrastructure. Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 130 ha.
Price: Contact: The approved zoning plan: no