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Production development areas at Dworcowa st. in Kępno


Production development areas at Dworcowa st. in Kępno


"The property does not have full technical infrastructure. The networks (power, water, sewage, gas, telephone) run along the lane of the public district road - Dworcowa Street in Kępno and require access to the property boundaries. In the area of ​​Dworcowa Street in Kępno, In the eastern part of the property, technical infrastructure networks in the form of a sanitary sewage system, rainwater drainage, water supply and telecommunications network run along the eastern part of the property. obstacles to the development of the plot are: 1. Dn 110 mm gravity sanitary sewage system (western part of the plot);
2. KdD 500 mm storm water drainage (western part of the plot);
3. K500 storm water drainage (northern part of the plot)
4. Dn250 storm water drainage (drainage of the road lane of Dworcowa Street and the area of ​​the PKP railway station) - the northern part of the plot;
5. Waterworks Dn80 mm (the northern border of the plot along Dworcowa Street);
6. Telecommunication network tA (the northern border of the plot along Dworcowa Street);
7. Telecommunications network TD (eastern border of the plot along the railway embankment).

Distance from

1) National road no. 11 from Poznań to Katowice located approximately 530 m away, the alternative of which is to be a new section of the S11 expressway from Kepno to Ostrów Wlkp. 2) National-express road no. S8 from Wroclaw to Warsaw, 11 km away ( Bralin junction), to which the distance will ultimately be reduced to 4 km as a result of the construction of the Kępno bypass along the planned S11 expressway (the Baranów junction and the Krążkowy-Mianowice junction). In Kępno at ul. Dworcowa, in the immediate vicinity there is a two-level railway station PKP S.A. crossing the section of the Poznań-Kluczbork railway line, as well as Wieluń-Oleśnica. The railway siding, including the freight siding, is located a few hundred meters at the railway station on ul. Towarowa and ul. Dworcowa in Kępno. Wrocław-Strachowice International Airport The Copernicus Science Center is 96 km away.
Poznań-Ławica International Airport H. Wieniawski is located 181 km away.
Krakow-Balice International Airport is 220 km away.
Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport is 148 km away.
Wrocław - 75 km
Poznań - 160 km
Kalisz - 63 km
Opole - 88 km
Łódź - 128 km
Katowice - 145 km


The real estate is located in the central part of the city of Kępno, directly next to the public district road - ul. Dwocowa, which runs along the northern border of the plot. The plot in question has a fairly regular shape similar to a parallelogram. The property area is flat, with no visible natural obstacles to development. Currently undeveloped, overgrown with grass and weeds, as well as with small trees with no use value. Access from the plot is provided by an asphalt road - ul. Dworcowa, as well as the internal road along the western border of the plot. In the immediate vicinity of the property, there is a two-level railway station PKP S.A. crossing the section of the Poznań-Kluczbork railway line, as well as Wieluń-Oleśnica, at a distance of several hundred meters at ul. Towarowa, there is a railway and transport siding.

Special Economic Zone:



insp. Daniel Dyla, Department of Spatial Planning and Real Estate Management of the City and Commune Office in Kepno

Information specific

Name area: Tereny zabudowy produkcyjnej przy ul. Dworcowej w Kępnie Place: Kępno County: kępiński
Community: Kępno Address: Dworcowa st. Owner: Kępno Commune
Type of plot: Production development areas, plot no. 617/9 Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 2.0456 ha.
Price: 4.000.000,00 zł The approved zoning plan: Production development areas marked with the symbol AA1P (Resolution No. XLII / 249/2013 of 2013-09-18 on the adoption of the local spatial development plan of the Kępno Commune - part I- Journal of Laws of the Wielkopolskie Province of 2013-09- 27, item 5355