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Electricity network located at the neighboring property (medium voltage - available capacity to be agreed with the supplier depending on the type of investment; Gas network located at the neighboring property (calorific value - 30.000 MJ/Nm3); Water supply network located at the neighboring property; Sewage network located at the neighboring property (the wastewater is discharged to a modern sewage treatment plant in Komorowo with a capacity of 6000 m3/d); telecomunication network near – distance to connection point available after appointing the implementation of the connections

Distance from

Distance: the area is located directly at the national road Poznań-Zielona Góra, exit to the plot of the local road; 25 km to the A-2 highway;n70 km from the international airport in Poznan;n70 km to Poznan;n60 km to Zielona Gora; railway: Wolsztyn, around 1,0 km; Poznan International Airport (around 70 km), the nearest airport in Babimost 20 km away


The total area 1,4446 ha; rectangular; the area developed agriculturally; unfenced;

Special Economic Zone:



Damian Wita
Zastępca Naczelnika
Wydział Gospodarki Przestrzennej i Obrotu Nieruchomościami
Urząd Miejski w Wolsztynie
Rynek 1, 64-200 Wolsztyn
tel. 68/3474540

Information specific

Name area: POWODOWO 87/8 Place: POWODOWO County: chodzieski
Community: WOLSZTYN Address: Plot no. 87/8, Powodowo Owner: Wolsztyn Commune
Type of plot: Urban planning of Wolsztyn commune – service activities Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 1.4446 ha.
Price: Contact with Damian Wita The approved zoning plan: NO