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Potrzebowicka Street, plot no 1247/21


Potrzebowicka Street, plot no 1247/21


It is possible to build power connection point; water supply for social and industrial purposes; sewage discharge in neighborhood; telephone and broadband internet- it is possible to build connection point. The expansion of liquefied gas station is located on the next plot no 1247/18. All media available to a distance of approx. 100 meters.

Distance from

Seaport Kołobrzeg- 180 km; nearest international airport Poznań- Ławica- ok. 85 km; nearest motorway A2- ok. 80 km; national road no 22- 25 km; railway siding - 3 km


no fence; undeveloped plot for sale; free from land obstacles ground and underground; RVI land does not require exemption from agricultural production; area 6,833 ha; according to the law in this regard, the zoning plan does not specify permissible building height.

Special Economic Zone:



Radosław Janecki, ph. 67 2531532, 605889513,

Information specific

Name area: Potrzebowicka Street, plot no 1247/21 Place: Wieleń County: czarnkowsko-trzcianecki
Community: Wieleń Address: Potrzebowicka Street, plot no 1247/21 Owner: Wieleń Municipality
Type of plot: Production, services. There is prohibited to locate projects that may significantly affect the environment, obligatory requiring the preparation of an environmental impact report Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 6.833,1.6503. ha.
Price: about 20 zł/ m2 The approved zoning plan: Yes, \nResolution of the City Council in Wielen No 338/XXXVIII/02 of January 21, 2002.