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Poniec Investment Zone


Poniec Investment Zone


distance connections from the border: 1. electricity - approx. 60m, 2. gas - approx. 820 m, 3. water - approx. 60 m, sewer - approx. 220 m. In the case of disposal of Real Estate - Municipality Poniec undertakes to execution of technical infrastructure: sewerage system, water supply, drainage and road entrance as in the near future.

Distance from

distance from the national road 8 km, distance from the nearest railway siding 3 km (property located directly at the railway track), the nearest airport - Poznań approx. 100 km.


Plot No. 523, 524 precinct Janczewo previously used for agricultural purposes, the area of real estate flat undeveloped area of 10473 m2

Special Economic Zone:



Krystian Juśkiewicz

Information specific

Name area: Poniec Investment Zone Place: Poniec County: gostyński
Community: Commune Poniec Address: Poniec, street Rydzyńska Owner: Commune Poniec
Type of plot: industrial, commercial, service Greenfield/Brownfield: yes Total surface: 1.0473 ha.
Price: 189.600,00 + tax VAT 23% The approved zoning plan: According to the findings of the local zoning plan approved by Resolution No. X / 70/2011 City Council Poniec of 8 September 2011. On the approval of the local spatial development plan for land development and technical - production, depots and warehouses and services within the city Poniec I village Janiszew determined destiny of real estate for development and technical - production, warehouse storage and services.