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Plot no 3835, Środa Wielkopolska


Plot no 3835, Środa Wielkopolska


Electricity: yes
Gas: No.
Water: Water supply to plot no. 3835 is possible from the existing water supply system with a diameter of 110 mm along the road - plot no. 148/6 in the town of Kijewo. After modernizing the water supply equipment of MPECWIK, it will be possible to supply water for domestic purposes in the amount of 0.05 m3 / employee / day. If there is a need for water for purposes other than living, it will be possible to determine the amount of water only at the investor's individual request. Distance between the connection and the border of the area is 21.0 m
The possibility of connecting to the network is decided by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej, Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. in Środa Wlkp.

Sewerage: Yes (rain sewer)

Telephones: no

Distance from

Access road to the plot (type of road and its width): From a poviat road - approx. 15 m wide, asphalt
Motorway / national road. A2 motorway - 30 km - exit in Poznań or Września
River and sea ports within 200 km -
Railway: Środa Wielkopolska 1 km
Railway siding: Środa Wielkopolska 1 km
The nearest international airport: Poznań Ławica, approx. 40 km
The nearest voivodship city: Poznań, approx. 36 km


in part, the area is insulated, in the field part of the equipment, in the green belt part, in part the production, storage and storage areas and service installation, in part the location of the 15 kV medium voltage overhead power line along with the functional protection belt until the transfer or wiring, in part of the location of the 110 kV overhead power line Kromolice (KRM) - GPZ Środa Wielkopolska (SRO) with the functional protection belt, in the part of the location of the overhead 110 kV voltage line GPZ Środa Wielkopolska (SRO) - Śrem with the functional protection belt

Special Economic Zone:



Katarzyna Kania, Kierownik Wydziału Gospodarki Nieruchomościami, tel. 61 286 62 36, e-mail: nieruchomoś

Information specific

Name area: plot no. 3835 Place: Środa Wielkopolska County: średzki
Community: Środa Wielkopolska Address: Środa Wielkopolska Owner: Powiat Średzki
Type of plot: Działka w kształcie regularnego wieloboku Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 32.508 ha.
Price: around 100,00 zł/m2 The approved zoning plan: yes