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Plot no. 19/15, Starczanowo


Plot no. 19/15, Starczanowo


Electricity - 300 m from the border of the area, Water - 120 m from the border of the area, sewage system - no, telecommunications - optical fiber 50 m from the border of the area, gas 900 m from the border of the area

Distance from

National road no. 92 - 800 m, railway siding - 4 km,


Location of production facilities, warehouses and warehouses. Allowing the location of service facilities. Height of buildings not more than 15 m. Height of other structures not more than 50 m. Flat or sloping roofs with roof slopes up to 25 °. Building area not more than 60% of the building plot. Building intensity from 0 to 3. Biologically active area not less than 20% of the building plot;

Special Economic Zone:



Marek Gibowski
Kierownik Referatu Gospodarki Gruntami i Ochrony Środowiska
tel. +48 61 4373186

Information specific

Name area: Plot no. 19/15 Place: Starczanowo County: wrzesiński
Community: Nekla Address: Starczanowo Owner: Nekla Commune
Type of plot: Areas of facilities, warehouses and warehouses Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 0.3794 ha.
Price: 100 000+VAT The approved zoning plan: Resolution No. XXX / 214/2017 of the Municipal Council of the Nekla Commune of October 5, 2017 on the local spatial development plan in Starczanów - areas north of the national road No. 92
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