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The property is equipped with a network of technical infrastructure: electricity, water from the municipal water supply, sanitary sewage system to the septic tank. Line gas installation in range, in Gostyńska Street

Distance from

- Convenient communication conditions due to easy access from the Śrem ring road - provincial road No. 434 (Kórnik-Rawicz)
- Good location for transport: distance 35 km from the A2 motorway (Nowy Tomyśl - Stryków) to the Krzesiny junction; 25 km to the national road No. 11 (Poznań - Katowice) - Kórnik; 30 km to the national road No. 5 (Poznań - Wrocław) - Kościan
- Poznań: 42 km
- nearest airport: 45 km
- nearest railway station: 20 km


On the ground there are buildings and utility, production and warehouse facilities, an office building, free-standing and built-up silos, as well as auxiliary buildings and structures. The total usable area of ​​the buildings is 6387.85 m2

A developed plot of land located in the city of Śrem in the Śrem district.
The property includes plots of land no. 2495, 2496, 2499/5, 2494/8 at ul. Summer 1 and it is
one of the plants of Rolimpex S.A. in Iława ul. Lubawska 7 specialized
in the field of marketing and processing of seed material.
The real estate in question is located on the outskirts of the city, in the land area
economic activation in the vicinity of industrial, service and warehouse areas
developed and undeveloped and other investment areas.
The built-up areas of the city and agricultural areas constitute further vicinity.
The property is a complex of plots No. 2495, 2496, 2499/5 and 2494/8 constituting one
functional whole. The area of ​​the plots is flat, access to the property from Letna Street - paved
the road connecting with Gostyńska Street.

Roads and squares with a surface made of prefabricated reinforced slabs and concrete, located between the buildings and enabling internal and truck transport, have a total area of ​​approximately 5100 m2.

Special Economic Zone:



Lech Woźniak

tel. + 48 668 313 944

Information specific

Name area: PLANT OF ROLIMPEX COMPANY Place: Śrem County: śremski
Community: Śrem Address: 63-100 Śrem, 1 Letnia street Owner: The State Treasury partly in perpetual usufruct, partly owned by Rolimpex S.A. in Ilawa. Buildings and structures erected on the plot of land no. 2495, 2496, 2499/5 and the plot of land no. 2494/8 are the property of Rolimpex S.A.
Type of plot: The land for registration plots no. 2495, 2496 in the city of Śrem is designated in the local development plan for business activities (existing buildings) and is marked with the symbol G1. The plot of land no. 2494/8 is allocated in the local development plan for business activity Greenfield/Brownfield: brownfield Total surface: 1.5188 ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan: yes