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Piła, ul. Bazaltowa, plot No. 154 (precinct 1)


Piła, ul. Bazaltowa, plot No. 154 (precinct 1)


access to the utilities network: water supply, energy, sanitary sewage and gas network

Distance from

Information about Piła:

1) the center of Northern Wielkopolska, on the banks of the Gwda River,
2) intersection of national roads DK 10 and DK11,
3) voivodeship roads no. 179, 180, 188,
4) 100 km from the A2 motorway,
5) railway junction - intersection of lines no .: 18, 203, 354, 374, 405,
6) post-military airport - business and sports flights,
7) 100 km from the airports in Poznań and Bydgoszcz,
8) river port in Ujście (10 km) and Bydgoszcz (90 km)


undeveloped land with flat terrain and regular square shape
The plot is overgrown with self-seeders, weeded

Special Economic Zone:



Beata Meller

Information specific

Name area: Piła, ul. Bazaltowa, plot No. 154 (precinct 1) Place: Piła County: pilski
Community: Piła Address: ul. Bazaltowa, plot No. 154 (precinct 1) Owner: Piła Commune
Type of plot: areas for single-family housing with built-in services - 01MNu Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.117 ha.
Price: 166 400,00 PLN (net) The approved zoning plan: yes