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Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kaliska Street


Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kaliska Street


access to power, water, sewage and gas networks

Distance from

Poznań 120 km, Wrocław 92 km, Łódź 140 km, Katowice 196 km


Adopted Local Spatial Development Plan:
1) services and industry, marked in the plan drawing with symbols U, P.1 and U, P.2 for which it is established:

a) primary purpose: location of service and production facilities, including commercial facilities with a sales area of up to 2000 m2, and in the area marked with the U, P.1 symbol of commercial facilities, with a sales area of more than 2000 m2,

b) acceptable use: public green areas and sports and recreation services,

2) off-road car parks, marked on the plan drawing with KSp symbols, for which it is determined:

a) basic purpose: off-road car park,

b) acceptable purpose: location of pedestrian routes and bicycle paths, on the terms in accordance with separate provisions

Special Economic Zone:



Piotr Młynarz
+48 795 548 247

Information specific

Name area: Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kaliska Street Place: Ostrów Wielkopolski County: ostrowski
Community: Ostrów Wielkopolski Address: Kaliska Owner: Municipality of Ostrów Wielkopolski and a private person
Type of plot: areas of service and production facilities, including commercial facilities Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 2.7236 ha.
Price: contact with Mr. Piotr Młynarz The approved zoning plan: yes
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