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Olimpia II Plot


Olimpia II Plot


Electricity: yes
Gas: yes
Water: yes
Sewage discharge: 5 km
Telephone: tak

Distance from

Provincial road no. 470 Kościelec-Kalisz
Communal road Olimpia
Motorway A2 Warsaw-Berlin – junction
Koło about 4 km
National road no. 92 – about 5 km
Łódź – about 80 km
Poznań – about 140 km
Warszawa – about 190 km

Railway track - Koło – about 12 km
Railway siding - Koło – about 12 km


Brudzew Commune – small area, great history, but first of all open to new
enterprises. We have valid local zoning plan setting atractive sites of area from several to
a dozen or so hectares planned among others for production, store, storehouse and
service development. Investment sites (over 200 ha) are set along the modernized
provincial road no. 470.
Brudzew Commune has the advantage of being located close (about 1.5 km from
the boundary of the Commune) to the junction Koło making it possible to enter or exit the
Motorway A2 Warsaw-Berlin. We are involved in creating a positive image of our
Commune, successively encouraging Entrepreneurs who connect their investment plans
with our region - tax exemption for Entrepreneurs, developing the road and water supply
system infrastructure). We pledge our support at each stage of introducing an investment,
starting from finding a favorable location, through immediate dealing with the procedures
at the local Office and further support at the stage of running a business.
Within the borders of our Commune there are successful companies of the
mining industry (natural aggregate deposits), farming branch (poultry farms) as well as
companies using innovative technologies i.e. Accredited Veterinary Laboratory Vet-Lab in
Brudzew and probiotics production - Priobiotics Poland in Bratuszyn. Developing also
Open, friendly Local Government, hospitable community, charming leisure
places are the additional adventages proving that the Brudzew Commune is your place of

Special Economic Zone:



Dominika Kaszyńska-Fisiak, Associate Manager of the Investment and Environmental
Protection Department, tel. 63 279 83 43, 607820405, e-mail:

Information specific

Name area: Olimpia II Place: Brudzew County: turecki
Community: Brudzew Address: Olimpia, Brudzew Owner: private owners
Type of plot: Production, store, storehouse and service development area Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 13 ha.
Price: 15 – 25 zł/m2 The approved zoning plan: yes