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Offer no. 3: Bytyń


Offer no. 3: Bytyń


Utilities: water, sewerage, gas, electricity - in the nearest existing buildings in Bytyń.

Distance from

Location: 28 km from Poznań, by the national road No. 92, near the Poznań bypass under construction and the A-2 motorway exit, 25 km from the Poznań-Ławica international airport.


Special Economic Zone:



Urząd Gminy Kaźmierz

Information specific

Name area: Offer no. 3: Bytyń Place: Bytyń County: szamotulski
Community: Kaźmierz Address: Bytyń Owner: contact with Kaźmierz Commune
Type of plot: areas of production facilities, warehouses and warehouses as well as service buildings. The possibility of combining and dividing plots Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 54 ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan: yes