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Ocieszyn, plot No. 170


Ocieszyn, plot No. 170


250 m distance from the 110 kV medium voltage line, 1000 m distance from the existing gas network, 50 m distance from the water supply system, 1000 m distance from the sewage system

Distance from

the nearest shunt in wargowo-2.5 km
airport approximately 30 km from Poznań,
the nearest voivodeship cities about 30 km - Poznań


the area is located on the national road S - 11
building plot area of the building plot no more than 60%
it is hereby agreed to include in the development:
- the route of the existing transit gas pipeline DNI400, and the planned second branch on the southern side, along with the accompanying infrastructure, in accordance with the controlled zone indicated in the plan drawing, 25 m from the gas pipeline axis, where: - the location of the service strip along the pipeline axis is determined, in which it is forbidden to afforest land and cultivate fruit crops at a distance of less than 4.0 m from the gas pipeline axis and 1.0 m from the axis of the optical fiber cable
In most of the area, the first mirror is located at a depth of about 2 m, in the areas of the network of existing ditches, the depth of groundwater is about 1 m.

Elżbieta Januszak
tel. (61) 65 60 158 fax (61) 65 59 101

Special Economic Zone:



Information specific

Name area: Ocieszyn, plot No. 170 Place: Ocieszyn County: obornicki
Community: Oborniki Address: Ocieszyn Owner: Oborniki Commune
Type of plot: Areas for production facilities, warehouses and warehouses or service development Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 1.0504 ha.
Price: 527,000,00 PLN The approved zoning plan: yes