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Obodrzycka St. – Sarbinowska St. area


Obodrzycka St. – Sarbinowska St. area


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Distance from

Port of Szczecin approx. 250 km, Ławica airport - all real estates located no more than 16 km, A2 motorway - all real estates no farther than 20 km, Poznań Główny railway station - all real estates situated no more than 15 km


Agriculture, undeveloped

2,438 1 ha parking lot, 41,359 8 services/ industry

Special Economic Zone:



Patryk Turek, 61 878 5789,

Information specific

Name area: Obodrzycka St. – Sarbinowska St. area Place: Poznań County: poznański
Community: City of Poznań Address: Sarbinowska st./Garaszewo Owner: City of Poznań
Type of plot: industry/services Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan: yes