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Nowa Wies


Nowa Wies


electricity,water, telecomunication- yes; gas-no - connection point - 300 m; sewage discharge - no

Distance from

28 km to A2 highway (Wrzesnia); 58 km to river port in Konin; 10 km to Gniezno, to the Wroclaw – Poznan –\nGdansk railway route \n


Barrack and offices on the plot. Data of barrack: year of construction – 1972, development area – 86.70m² (17m×5.1m), cubature of building – 260.00m3 (17m×5.1m×3m), useable floor space – 69.98 m²: weight room – 4.5m×2.5m=11.25 m², office – 4.5m×2.9m=13.05m², office – 4.5m×3.1m=13.95m², office – 4.5m×3.9m=17.55m², social room – 4.5×3.15m=14.18m². Technical description of barrack: 1 storey without underground storey; flat, plastered, two – steep roof; roofing – asphalt roofing, should be repair and conserve; construction of roof – ceiling – concrete flag on steeled beams, without insulation, without deformation; lack of windows and doors; technical condition of building – poor. Possibility to knock down building.

Special Economic Zone:



Urząd Gminy Niechanowo, ul. Różana 1, 62-220 Niechanowo, tel. /61/ 429-49-10

Information specific

Name area: Nowa Wies Place: Nowa Wies County: Gniezno
Community: Niechanowo Address: Nowa Wies Owner: Niechanowo Commune
Type of plot: the area of tourism services Greenfield/Brownfield: brownfield Total surface: 5,5213 ha.
Price: 795.450 zł The approved zoning plan: no