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Manor complex, Skrzypnia


Manor complex, Skrzypnia


The property is equipped with the following technical infrastructure: electric power network, water supply network, telephone network.

Distance from

"Skrzypnia is a moderately urbanized village, situated in the southern part of the Czermin commune.
The distance of the village from Poznań - approx. 100 km, from Kalisz - approx. 35 km, and from Pleszew - approx. 7 km. A-2 motorway, Września junction: 55 km,
A-2 Konin junction: 54 km,
railway in Pleszew: 10 km "


Two properties constituting one area complex, consisting of two plots of land with a total area of ​​3.82 ha. Plot no. 276/4 with an area of ​​2.48 ha is part of the complex developed with the former manor house, surrounded by a park. Plot No. 276/3 with an area of ​​1.34 ha is a yard, a farm building in a state of ruin and a residential building, the so-called stewardess, which surround the manor complex.

Special Economic Zone:



Marzena Kowalska, org@czermin.wlkp.p; tel. 627416031

Information specific

Name area: Manor complex Place: Skrzypnia County: pleszewski
Community: Czermin Address: Skrzypnia 28 Owner: Czermin Commune
Type of plot: built-up Greenfield/Brownfield: brownfield Total surface: 3.82 ha.
Price: 335.000,00 PLN The approved zoning plan: no
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