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Lodz Special Economic Zone Subzone Ostrzeszów 2


Lodz Special Economic Zone Subzone Ostrzeszów 2


Electricity: low voltge line (15 kV) 620 m from the area. Construction of new trafo station is planned (63 kVA, 620 m from the area). ENERGA OPERATOR S.A. has a building permission. \n250 kVA trafo station can be built and connected to existin low voltage line (620 m from the area)\nWater: PCW Ø 110 pipeline 20 m from the area. Sewage discharge: – 40 m from the area, it is possible to connect to sewage system – the collector is 500 mm (it is also planned to build new one 400 mm). Gas: 1.150 m from the area. Telecomunication: 50 pair of digital or analog links are free – connection point on nearby crossing. Connection will be done by telephone provider after submitting an order by the investor. Optic fibre goes along the road No 444. Area within reach of mobile \noperators.\n

Distance from

Distances from the area: A8 motorway – 72 km; railway station and railway siding in Ostrzeszów – 3,5 km (Poznań – Katowice line);\nExpress Road No S8 – 20 km to the “Syców Zachód” junction; \nNational Road No 11 – 2 km.\n\n


Ground: plot 9/9 - 1,2080 ha; plot 9/10 - 3,1323 ha; plot 468/3 - 6,1703 ha

Special Economic Zone:

yes/ Lodz Special Economic Zone


Katarzyna Dziewięcka, UMiG in Ostrzeszów, ul. Zamkowa 31, 63-500 Ostrzeszów, 62 732 06 20

Information specific

Name area: Lodz Special Economic Zone Subzone Ostrzeszów 2 Place: Rojów County: ostrzeszowski
Community: Ostrzeszów Address: Rojów, 63-500 Ostrzeszów plots: 9/9, 9/10, 468/3 Owner: Town and Commune Ostrzeszów
Type of plot: industrial Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 10,5106 ha.
Price: 50 The approved zoning plan: Yes/12.09.2013r.