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Electricity - on plots 119/1 i 119/2 an overhead power grid of 110 kV is located, the line of 15 kV is in a distance of the c 50 m, possibility of the development of electricity infrastructure according to the specific demand of the investor, Gas - infrastrukture located in the immediate vicinity. Possible the development of gas infrastructure according to the specific demand of the investor, Water: in immediate vicinity. Available capacity 12600m3 / 24, Sewage discharge- in the immediate vicinity. Available capacity 300.0 m3 / 24, Sewage treatment plant - in the town of Wągrowiec, in the distance of the c 500 m.

Distance from

Seaport - Szczecin - c 240 km, motorway A2 - c 60 km, national road 11 - c 17 km, railway station of Wągrowiec - c 3 km, posibility construction of the railway siding from the railway line No. 356


not-enclosed area with the total area of 49.5135 ha, unbuilt, lack of underground obstacles, on the area overhead power line of 110 kV, lack of ecological restrictions. Possibility of increasing the investment area by adjacent plots

Special Economic Zone:

no, in the immediate vicinity in the town of Wągrowiec a plant of the company POLINOVA POLSKA is located included SSE Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka. Possibility of widening SSE to located areas in Łęgowo


sub-inspector for the town-and-country planning Anna Pałka, 067 26 82 825 tel., e-mail:

Information specific

Name area: Łęgowo Place: Łęgowo County: wągrowiecki
Community: Wągrowiec Address: number of the plot 119/1 i 119/2 Owner: Private (Marcin Pachela) - dz. nr 119/1, Agricultural Property Agency - dz. nr 119/2
Type of plot: agricultural parcels intended to areas of production sites, compositions and magazines Greenfield/Brownfield: Total surface: 119128,5336,119220,9799 ha.
Price: c PLN 20 behind m2 (given based on the notarial deed to the sales of real estate from 23.12.2013 and of appraisal report of the value of the real estate from 30.01.2014 The approved zoning plan: YES, Resolution No. VIII/ 48 / 2011 from 29 March 2011 Commune councils Wągrowiec