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Krotoszyn II – Fabryczna-Dworcowa-Benicka-Klemczaka


Krotoszyn II – Fabryczna-Dworcowa-Benicka-Klemczaka


electricity - Yes (Voltage : 0,4 kV; 15 kV; 110 kV), water - No (in surrounding streets); sewage discharge - No (in surrounding streets); telecomunication - Yes; gas - No (in surrounding streets, at the border)

Distance from

sea port - No (above 200km); airport - Wrocław ~80 km, Poznań ~100 km; motorway - Wrocław ~80km, Poznań ~100 km, Łódź ~165 km; national route - 600m (Kobylinska Street, nr 36); railway line/railway siding - at close vicinity; intermodal terminal - No


No fencing, any real estates, halls, silos; ground - UC1 – 2,5 ha KK/U1 – 0,9 ha\nPU1 – 1,1 ha\nKK/P1 - 2,0 ha\n

Special Economic Zone:



Jacek Kępa - Head of Promotion and Cooperation Department, City Hall Krotoszynie, Tel. 62 722 74 40, E-Mail:; Bogdan Pacholczyk - Division of Spatial Planning

Information specific

Name area: Krotoszyn II - Fabryczna-Dworcowa-Benicka-Klemczaka Place: Krotoszyn County: Krotoszyn (krotoszyński)
Community: Krotoszyn Address: Krotoszyn, Fabryczna Street -Dworcowa Street -Benicka Street -Klemczaka Street Owner: P1 - Polish National Railways, \nU1 - private proprietors,\nU2 - Krotoszyn Municipality (according to the attached map)\n\n
Type of plot: Industry, centresetting services, services Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 6,5 ha.
Price: To be agreed The approved zoning plan: Yes; Krotoszyn City Council’s Resolution No. XV/111/2015 of November 30, 2015