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Krajenka, plot no. 122/6


Krajenka, plot no. 122/6


the plot is not developed, it is possible to connect to the media under the conditions specified by network operators

Distance from

railway siding - 800 m (it has three main tracks, two of which are located at the low one-edge platforms, and also three side tracks leading to the loading yard and goods warehouse)
about 20 km from the road junction:
- national road No. 10
- national road No. 11
Access to the above-mentioned roads: dr No. 188
the nearest international airport:
Poznań 120 km
Bydgoszcz 90 km.


partly wooded, the plot is located next to the poviat road, the plot can be combined with the others in the investment offer, the area on the outskirts of the city about 900 m from the center

Special Economic Zone:



Hanna Ritter-Duda
Krajenka Commune and Town Hall
Tel (067) 263 92 04 ext. 25

Information specific

Name area: Krajenka, plot no. 122/6 Place: Krajenka County: złotowski
Community: Krajenka Address: Krajenka Owner: Krajenka Commune and Town
Type of plot: undeveloped, the type of development will be specified in the development conditions Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.1334 ha.
Price: no operator The approved zoning plan: no
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