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Investment offer – Konin


Investment offer – Konin


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Konin is a very important road junction. The A2 motorway runs close to the city. In addition, Konin
intersects two national roads: 25 (north - south) and 92 (east - west). The city is conveniently located
on a railroad track. It is crossed by the railway line No.3, which is part of the European E 20 railway
line (Berlin - Moscow). The nearest international airports: Poznań-Ławica and Łódź Airport.
Konin, thanks to its excellent location at the crossroads of communication routes, has been a transit
city for many centuries.


Konin is a city located in the heart of the country, on the Warta River, in the eastern part of
the Wielkopolska Province. It is a city that respects and nurtures local history but strives to create
the best conditions for progress and modernity. This city is open to ideas, new solutions, investments,
and at the same time full of various potentials and - still inexhaustible - possibilities.
The surrounding area of Konin is a very good area for water sports, fishing and relaxation. Therefore,
these areas are often called „Small Masuria”. Many lakes, through the Warta - Gopło canal, have
navigable connections with the Vistula and the Baltic coast. Near the city is the Sanctuary of Mary
in Licheń Stary. The Basilica built there is one of the largest temples in Europe.
For centuries, the city’s nameplate is the oldest road sign - a column called a “Koniński pole”. It marks
the half way between Kruszwica and Kalisz on the amber route.
Konin is also an area of sport. It is here that there are national sports events. Just to list: the women’s
football, fencing, horse riding, regattas, or fighting sports.
The calendar of cultural events abounds in regional and international events. The city’s favorite
song festival is the International Children’s Song and Dance Festival that has a history of over forty

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Urząd Miejski w Koninie
Wydział Obsługi Inwestora

plac Wolności 1, 62-500 Konin
tel. +48 63 240 12 34

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Name area: Konin Place: Konin County: koniński
Community: Konin Address: Konin Owner: City of Konin
Type of plot: Greenfield/Brownfield: Total surface: ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan: yes