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Investment area in Kuczyna


Investment area in Kuczyna


Electricity- no- Connection point(distance fromnboundary) 30m; Gas- no-Connection point (distance fromnboundary)- 60m; Water supply-No-Connection point (distance fromnboundary)- 60 m; Sewage discharge-no-Connection point (distance fromnboundary)-2 km; Telephone- No-Connection point (distance fromnboundary)-60m; Treatment plant-Sewage treatment plant AT distance of aboutn7 km

Distance from

There are no ports within 200 km; Nearest international airport Poznań 90 km, Wrocław 85 km; 90 km from the highway,n12 km from the national road; Railway line - Krobia 2 km; Railway siding-Krobia-2 km;


ground About 7,2 ha, can be divided into plots of 0.1 ha

Special Economic Zone:


504 103 027, 65 5712803

Information specific

Name area: Investment area in Kuczyna Place: Kuczyna County: gostyński
Community: Krobia Address: Kuczyna 63-840 Krobia Owner: Krobia municipality –area of 1.55 ha,nPrivate owners- the area of 5,66 ha
Type of plot: Service area Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 7.2 ha.
Price: 40- 60 zl per m The approved zoning plan: Yes; Uchwała Nr XLII/343/2009
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