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Investment area 1, Łuszkowo


Investment area 1, Łuszkowo


Water, electricity: on roads adjacent to the site

Distance from

20 km in a straight line from the S5


Complex of 3 plots - 2.4652 ha, 0.25 ha, 0.13 ha

Special Economic Zone:



Information specific

Name area: Investment area 1, Łuszkowo Place: Łuszkowo County: kościański
Community: Krzywiń Address: Łuszkowo Owner: Krzywiń Commune
Type of plot: service, technical and production buildings, warehouses and warehouses area Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 2.8452 ha.
Price: 778,165.00 PLN - net The approved zoning plan: yes - No. X / 64/2011 of the Krzywinia City Council of September 7, 2011 Journal Of Laws of the Wielkopolska Region No. 313, item 5008 of November 22, 2011.