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Industrial development area, Gnieźnieńska Street 2


Industrial development area, Gnieźnieńska Street 2


Electricity - yes
Gas - no
Water - yes
Sewerage on the premises - NO, sewage should be collected in sealed tanks
Sewage treatment plant in the area or in the vicinity - YES, biological - mechanical

Distance from

National road No. 15
42 km to the A2 motorway (the junction in Września);
immediate vicinity of the site - national road No. 15 (Trzebnica - Ostróda)
66 km to the river port in Konin
Railway - 1 km to Trzemeszno, Toruń - Poznań railway line
Railway siding - Trzemeszno - 1.5 km
The nearest international airport - Ławica Airport in Poznań - 67 km
Poznań - 67 km


7.7036 ha
2 plots:
no. 8 – 3.7000 ha
no. 9 – 4.036 ha

Special Economic Zone:



Investor Assistance Center, Gniezno Agency for Economic Development Ltd.
Rynek 10/1, 62-200 Gniezno
+48 61 426-45-34

Information specific

Name area: Industrial development area, Gnieźnieńska st. Place: Trzemeszno County: gnieźnieński
Community: Trzemeszno Address: Gnieźnieńska st. Owner: private owner
Type of plot: Industrial, craft and production development, storehouses. Offices, porter's lodges, devices of the technical infrastructure, masts of mobile communications, car parks, objects of architectural details are allowed. Greenfield/Brownfield: brownfield Total surface: 7.7036 ha.
Price: To negotiations The approved zoning plan: YES, Resolution Council of Trzemeszno Commune no. LXIV/357/2006 from 26.10.2006