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Górzno, plot number 47/11


Górzno, plot number 47/11



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Undeveloped land property with no direct access to a public road. Access to the property is possible by establishing an easement on an adjacent plot. The shape of the plot is favorable, there is no technical infrastructure. Part of the plot is developed by the previous user, while the part excluded from use is a wooded, partially buried area of the pond. In the vicinity there are residential buildings and an area intended for sports services.

From the side of the poviat road - from the plot border about 24 m eastwards into the plot along its entire width) the plot is covered by the local spatial development plan for the village of Górzno, marked with the symbol: MU - housing construction. The remaining part of the plot from the east - about 13 meters west to the district road along its entire width, there is no local spatial development plan.

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Patrycja Skorupka
65 5369253

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Name area: Górzno, plot number 47/11 Place: Górzno County: leszczyński
Community: Krzemieniowo Address: Górzno, plot number 47/11 Owner: KRZEMIENIEWO COMMUNE
Type of plot: land partly for housing construction Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.0885 ha.
Price: 24 541,00 PLN The approved zoning plan: yes