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Golina-Kolonia, plot


Golina-Kolonia, plot


electricity about 100m from the plot border
water approx. 100m from the plot border

Distance from

distance from the port to 200 km
to the airport approx. 100 km (Poznań Ławica)
plots approximately 3 km from the national road
approx. 2500m from the A2 motorway
approx. 16 km from the railway siding


In the study of the commune, the plot is partly intended for the location of a stud farm and housing development. You can change the study or issue a decision on building conditions.

Special Economic Zone:



Diana Gomułka
Inspector for spatial planning and construction
Urząd Miejski w Golinie
ul. Nowa 1, 62-590 Golina
tel.63-2418-095 wew.249

Information specific

Name area: Golina-Kolonia, plot Place: Golina-Kolonia County: koniński
Community: Golina Address: Golina-Kolonia Owner: Gmina Golina
Type of plot: horse stud and housing Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 6 ha.
Price: 5-6 PLN/m2 The approved zoning plan: nie
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