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Golęczewo, Ogrodowa Street


Golęczewo, Ogrodowa Street


power grid in Ogrodowa Street

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- decision on development conditions - three single-family buildings
max. building area ratio - 14%; min. share over
biologically active - 50%, max. height of buildings - up to 9 m
(two above-ground storeys)
a plot of a regular shape similar to a rectangle,
- front width 63 m, length 50 m deep,

Special Economic Zone:



Weronika Kowalska
61 8926 267

Information specific

Name area: Golęczewo, Ogrodowa Street, plot no. 47/1 Place: Golęczewo County: poznański
Community: Suchy Las Address: Ogrodowa Owner: private owner
Type of plot: areas of single-family buildings Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 0.3276 ha.
Price: contact with Mrs. Weronika Kowalska The approved zoning plan: no