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Economic Activity Zone in Czerniejewo


Economic Activity Zone in Czerniejewo


electricity, water, sewage discharge, telecomunication,gas-yes

Distance from

14 km to A2 highway (Wrzesnia); 8 km to Nekla, to the Poznan– Warszawa railway route; 15 km to Gniezno, to the Wroclaw – Poznan – Gdansk railway route; Lawica Airport in Poznan – 45 km


9 plots the following areas: 0.8543 ha, 0.9362 ha, 0.9946 ha, 0.8480 ha, 1.0748 ha, 1.0570 ha, 0.8941 ha, 0.9251 ha, 1.4971 ha; soli class - V; ground and overhead obstacles - no; ecological restrictions - no; \n

Special Economic Zone:



Urząd Miasta i Gminy Czerniejewo, ul. Poznańska 8, 62-260 Czerniejewo, Sławomir Piechnik, tel. /61/ 429-13-24

Information specific

Name area: Economic Activity Zone in Czerniejewo Place: Czerniejewo County: Gniezno
Community: Czerniejewo Address: Plot located in Czerniejewo, attached to district road no. 2153P, Gospodarcza street Owner: Czerniejewo Commune
Type of plot: industrial, craft and production development, storehouses; Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 9,1 ha.
Price: 53,00 zł netto / m2 The approved zoning plan: yes, resolution council of Czerniejewo commune no. XXVII/176/2001 of 28.05.2001