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Dźwierszno Małe


Dźwierszno Małe


By way of utilities: energy and water supply.

Distance from

The plot has direct access to a public road.
The property is located in close proximity to Łobżenica, buildings and main roads.


The plot is developed with two shelters.
On the plot there are deciduous beech and maple trees with an average height of about 10 m and an average DBH of 80 cm, in the amount of 27 pieces. Grass ground.
The plot is located on a small hill.
Property surroundings - farm buildings, agricultural lands and Stryjewo Lake.

Special Economic Zone:



Joanna Jarmołowicz
(67) 286 81 06

Information specific

Name area: Dźwierszno Małe Place: Dźwierszno Małe County: pilski
Community: Łobżenica Address: Dźwierszno Małe Owner: Łobżenica commune
Type of plot: Residential and service area Greenfield/Brownfield: Brownfield Total surface: 0.2686 ha.
Price: contact with Ms Joanna Jarmołowicz The approved zoning plan: yes