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Plot Rąbczyn nr 418/1


Plot Rąbczyn nr 418/1


Near the plot no. 418/1 there are technical infrastructure devices in the form of energy, water and sewage and gas networks. A medium voltage power line runs near the plot (about 500 m) from the plot. The water and sewage network is located on the road constituting the registration plot No. 257, Rąbczyn District. The dn125 PE gas network is located at a distance of about 400 m from the above plot.

Distance from

Wroclaw Airport -110km
Railway -6km
Express road / motorway -80 km
National road No. 36 - 3.5 km / road No. 11 - 4 km


Access to the plot by asphalt road

The plot in question is free from mortgage encumbrances and is not encumbered with limited property rights.

Special Economic Zone:



Rafał Lisiak
property management inspector
tel. 62 7344907

Information specific

Name area: Plot Rąbczyn nr 418/1 Place: Rąbczyn County: ostrowski
Community: Raszków Address: Rąbczyn Owner: Gmina i Miasto Raszków
Type of plot: production facilities, warehouses and warehouses with units of the balance sheet unit F1-P Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 4.9853 ha.
Price: 1 391 400,00 zł (netto) The approved zoning plan: yes