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Domanin I


Domanin I


Electricity – yes, water – yes, sewage discharge – not, telecommunication - yes, gas – not (yes – on the plot or adjacent to the site).

Distance from

The area is located at a commune and provincial route and motorway A2. Distance from: of seaport in Gdańsk - 290 km, airports in Łódź - 70 km, airports in Poznań - 150 km, motorway A2 - the area is located at a motorway A2, national route 92 - 20 km, railway siding - 5 km, border crossing Świecko - 307 km, Terspol - 367 km, Cieszyn - 311 km.


Not-enclosed area. Area of the area - 10 ha. The whole area consists of 7 plots. Soil class RV, RVI, PsIV, N. Risk of flooding or land slide – not. Underground obstacles - not. Ground and overhead obstacles - not. Buildings/other constructions on site - not.

Special Economic Zone:



Tomasz Ludwicki - mayor of the city Dąbie, phone number +48 63 2710073. Mariusz Augustyniak phone number +48 63 2628283.

Information specific

Name area: Domanin I Place: Domanin County: chodzieski
Community: Dąbie Address: Domanin, commune Dąbie Owner: Private property
Type of plot: Industrial (at present used agriculturally). Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 10 ha.
Price: About 10-20 PLN/m2. The approved zoning plan: Yes, date of resolution 12 May 2004.