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Chludowo, Golęczewska Street, plot no. 301/1


Chludowo, Golęczewska Street, plot no. 301/1


gas network, telecommunication and sewage system in Golęczewska Street

Distance from

The plot is located 600 m from the intersection with Szosa Poznańska. Direct access to the plot by an asphalt municipal road.

The nearest railway station - 2.5 km.
Poznań West Junction on the A2 motorway - 28 km.
Poznań International Airport - 24 km.


Shape similar to trapezoid. The front is 113 m wide, the eastern border is 250 m long, and the western border is 58 m. To the east, the plot borders the area of the Aquanet Company, where the catchment station is located, and the area of Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej, where the PSZOK Selective Collection of Municipal Waste Point is located. To the west of the plot there are railway tracks. The properties in the vicinity have the same purpose, but are now used for agriculture.
-max. over buildings - 40%, min. over biologically active - 20%
- building height - up to 14 m
- agricultural land of class IVa
- unfenced and undeveloped area

Special Economic Zone:



Weronika Kowalska
61 8926 267

Information specific

Name area: Chludowo, Golęczewska Street, plot no. 301/1 Place: Chludowo County: poznański
Community: Suchy Las Address: Golęczewska Owner: private owner
Type of plot: areas of production facilities, warehouses and warehouses as well as service buildings Greenfield/Brownfield: Greenfield Total surface: 1.7513 ha.
Price: contact with Mrs. Weronika Kowalska The approved zoning plan: yes