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Anielin, the area of old campsite


Anielin, the area of old campsite


information concerning the actual equipment of the plot only accessible in Military and Defence Estate Agency

Distance from

property is located 3 km from the national road no. 11, distance to the nearest train station and CARGO handling port in Jastrowie about 10 km, the nearest airport (passenger/CARGO) about 123 km in Bydgoszcz, the nearest sea harbour 190 km in Gdańsk, the nearest River harbour about 115 km in Bydgoszcz, Border crossing point in Gronowo-Mamonowo for passenger and freight traffic, about 238 km.


the total area of land 110 ha

(Anielin geodetic precinct) - covered by the local spatial development plan
plot no. 214/5 with an area 12,1200 ha,
plot no. 194/2 with an area 5.0140 ha,
plot no. 193/4 with an area 4.6976 ha,
plot no. 193/6 with an area 15,1400 ha,
plot no. 194/7 with an area 10.5100 ha,

(Anielin geodetic precinct) - not covered by the local spatial development plan, only a study - intended for forest and agricultural purposes
plot no. 2136/1 with an area 26.1465 ha,
plot no. 2136/2 with an area 24.0110 ha,
plot no. 2136/3 with an area 2.4275 ha,
plot no. 2136/4 with an area 4.6439 ha,
plot no. 2136/5 with an area 5.7076 ha

Special Economic Zone:



the town and municipality of Okonek Karolina Liwińska 67 2660 959

Information specific

Name area: Anielin, the area of old campsite Place: Okonek County: złotowski
Community: Okonek Address: Anielin Owner: Military and Defence Estate Agency
Type of plot: industrial service Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 110 ha.
Price: The approved zoning plan: Yes, Resolution of Town Council No. LII/295/2010 of 23rd February 2010