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Activation Economic Zone Krzywosądów


Activation Economic Zone Krzywosądów


There is a possibility of access to the gas, electricity and water networks

Distance from

Access to investment areas through designed public roads


87 ha

In the Study of the Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of the Gołuchów Commune, the area marked with the symbol U / P (areas of service and production development, warehouses and warehouses) and U / P * (areas for service, production, warehouses and warehouses with admission of commercial facilities with a sales area of over 2,000 m²)

The local spatial development plan is valid for part of the area:

Resolution of the Commune Council No. V / 33/2003 of 27.03.2003 published in the Official Journal of the Wielkopolska Province of 27

June 2003, No. 109, item 2000 on the local spatial development plan for the area within the plots no. 28, 29/2, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35/1, 35/2, 36/2, 36/3, 36/4, 37 ( a, b, c, d, e, e), 38 sheet 1 precinct

Krzywosądów, commune Gołuchów

Special Economic Zone:


tel. 627617017

Information specific

Name area: Activation Economic Zone Krzywosądów Place: Krzywosądów County: pleszewski
Community: Gołuchów Commune Address: Krzywosądów Owner: contact with Gołuchów Commune
Type of plot: Economic Activation Areas (areas for service and production development, warehouses and warehouses with the admission of commercial facilities with a sales area of more than 2,000 m² Greenfield/Brownfield: greenfield Total surface: 87 ha.
Price: contact with Gołuchów Commune The approved zoning plan: yes
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